NeuroRehabLab :

The NeuroRehabLab is an interdisciplinary research group of the University of Madeira that investigates at the intersection of technology, neuroscience and clinical practice to find novel solutions to increase the quality of life of those with special needs. We are actively researching specific brain mechanisms that relate to functional recovery and how novel ICT technologies can offer us the opportunity to approach motor and cognitive rehabilitation by means of non-invasive systems that can be used to train our brain to regain lost functionality after a lesion to the Central Nervous System. Our research capitalizes on Virtual Reality, Serious Games, and Brain-Computer Interfaces to develop low-cost interactive rehabilitation solutions for patients that have special needs after a brain lesion.


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Cover Image Application Name Domain Purpose Type Compatible Operations Systems
NTT – Neurorehabilitation Training ToolKit Upper Limb rehabilitation Free
NTG – NeuroRehabLab Task Generator Cognition rehabilitation Online Application